AutoSim AS 1100

Car Driver Training & Research System
with optional 3DOF or 6DOF system

Features and Programs

General Features

  • Real car cabin
  • Optional 3DOF or 6DOF motion
  • Steering force feedback
  • Front screens showing 180º view
  • HiFi Sound System with 3D and Doppler Effect
  • Top of the range PC’s as well as the Nvidia GTX Graphic Boards
  • Networking ability to other AutoSim simulators
  • Controllable from tablets and smart phones

  • Automated evaluation of training scenarios
  • Software debugging from AutoSim via Internet
  • Vehicle types are factory configurable on all relevant parameters (engine power, transmission, physics, etc.)
  • Student communication is in the customer’s native language
  • Graphic and voice controlled directing system

General contents in Training Programs

Technical training.
Braking and maneuvering on different road surfaces.
Eco driving.
Risky situations.
Free driving with other traffic.
Fire truck blue light driving.

The training program library is under continuous development in collaboration with customers

Automated and student self-managed operation

The self-managed student system enables the student to use the simulator without supervision. The student manages the simulator using a small tablet logged on to the cabin network. The tablet displays the available exercises as prepared by the teacher. The student runs the exercises in order, or repeats them if he wants to or has been told to by the automated evaluation.

The teacher receives a full report afterwards.

The system can be delivered for the customer native language.