Top-of-the-range driving simulators from one of the leading European simulator providers

Developments in computer graphics and high-speed computers have brought new realism to simulations. Simulation is playing a more important role in an increasing number of vehicle driver training programs. As the price of technology has dropped, modern simulators are now moving into driver training in truck driver training schools, governmental training programs, defense driver training programs, truck transportation companies, police and emergency services, research institutions, et cetera.

EU training directive

The market is among others driven by the EU training directive, opening for advanced simulators to be used in basic training as well as retraining of bus- and truck drivers. Also the increasing HES requirement in road transport is demanding the corresponding quality requirements from the drivers. The new AutoSim range of driver training simulators are well prepared for fulfilling the requirements set by the EU training directive, in an efficient and cost effective way. The AutoSim driving simulator products have proven their quality for years, and are now upgraded significantly with new hardware and software.