AutoSim AS 1600

Full size Truck Driver Training & Research System With 3DOF or 6DOF Motion

Features and Programs

General Features

  • • Original truck cabin
    • 3 DOF or 6 DOF Motion System
    • Steering force feedback
    • LCD screens covers view from all windows.
    • Mirror embedded in the screens.
    • Real dashboard in operation
    • HiFi Sound System with 3D and Doppler Effect
    • Top of the range PC’s as well as the NVidia GTX Graphic Boards
    • Networking ability to other AutoSim simulators.

• Different configurations of manual or automatic gear.
• SimWorld top range simulator software
• Automated evaluation of training scenarios
• Simulator debugging from AutoSim via Internet
• Student communication is in the customer native language
• Graphic and voice controlled direction and navigation system
• Controllable from tablet.

General contents in Training Programs

• Technical training.
• Braking and maneuvering on different road surfaces.
• Eco driving.
• Risky situations.
• Free driving with other traffic.
• Fire truck blue light driving.

The training program library is under continuous development in collaboration with customers.

Driving/Training Vehicles Simulated

  • Lorry
  • Semi trailer
  • Semi tank
  • Road train - 19 meters
  • Road train - 25 meters
  • Bus
  • Articulated bus

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